Requirements Edit

  • A Photo editing tool of your choice
  • Photoshop, PaintDotNet or Gimp (to convert to the relevant format)
  • BFRES-Tool (Link to be added)
  • BotW Unpacker (Link to be added)

Step One - Find the file you need.

Breath of the Wild stores it's icon files in a folder called StockItem, this can be found by following the file structure: \content\UI\StockItem

Step Two - Prepare for editing

Icon files have the extension .sbitemico however they are yaz0 encoded, which means they first need to be decoded with BotW Unpacker before anything can be extracted from them. Once decoded, open the file with BFRES-Tool to extract the images files (.dds extension) of the specific item.

Step Three - Editing

Use your prefered editing tool to before edits to the image, you may need to use Photoshop, PaintDotNet or Gimp (with the relevant plugins) if your preferred editor does not have support for the dds format.

Step Four - Saving and repacking

Once the image is ready to be put back into the game, use either Photoshop, PaintDotNet or Gimp to save the image in the A8B8G8R8 format, this must be done or the game will be unable to load the image in-game. Once saved, use BFRES_TOOL to replace the dds file in the sbitemico with your edited file. Finally, use BotW Unpacker to encode the file and the file is ready to be used.